Welcome to A/S Læsø Fiskeindustri

Our vision is to spread knowledge
and appreciation for the delicious seafood,
fished out of the ocean close to our company's home.

Located right by the sea,
A/S Læsø Fiskeindustri has a tight bond,
with fishermen, customers, and consumers.
In a closely monitored process we call
"from sea to table", which ensures that
the whole world can enjoy our great products
 at optimal, freshly caught quality.
From our location on Læsø
on the middle of the Kattegat,
we send daily shipments of scampi
and brined products to customers
in Denmark, Europe, Australia and the US.

You can  read more about our unique
production methods and products here.
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on Facebook, where we keep our followers
updated with products news and new initiatives.

A/S Læsø Fiskeindustri · Industrivej 4 · DK-9940 Læsø · T: +45 9849 8188 · F: +45 9849 8099 · E-mail: laeso@laeso-fish.dk